What is the toilet options available to me?

The Niagara Shadow, which flushes 0.8 gallons per flush, is the toilet being installed for this program. The plumber will offer you a selection of Shadow round or elongated bowl. Both the round and elongated toilets are an ADA height toilet. The toilet is white, with a white flush handle, and it comes with a matching seat and lid.

Additionally, the plumber is required to install high-efficiency bathroom faucet aerators, kitchen faucet aerators and showerheads. For more information, visit: srcity.org/Toilet

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1. How does the program work?
2. What is the toilet options available to me?
3. Does this replacement toilet work well?
4. What are the benefits to replacing my toilets with these new toilets?
5. Why is two the maximum number of toilets available for residential sites?
6. If my floor is damaged such as with dry rot, can I still participate?
7. What is “drain line carry” and what does this mean for my house?
8. Will the City repair or maintain the toilet after it’s installed?
9. Is there a warranty?
10. Can I still participate if my toilet has a custom seat (such as a raised toilet seat) or a bidet?