How does the program work?

Santa Rosa Water is offering free high efficiency plumbing fixture packages to Santa Rosa Water customers. Santa Rosa Water customers may be eligible to receive up to two 0.8 gallons-per-flush high-efficiency toilets, showerheads and faucet aerators for kitchen and bathrooms installed by qualified plumbers -- at no cost.  

To participate:

  • Fill out this customer pre-qualification form to confirm your toilet flushes 1.6 gallons or more per flush
  • Santa Rosa Water will confirm that you are a water customer (pay a water bill to the City of Santa Rosa) and that your toilet flushes 1.6 gpf or more. Within 4 weeks, Santa Rosa Water will confirm your eligibility.
  • Once the City has additional funding in mid-2024, a plumber will call you to set up an appointment to install your new toilet(s), and faucet aerator(s) and showerhead(s).
  • The plumber will replace your old toilet and fixtures and haul them away for recycling, in mid-2024.
  • You are required to agree that the City has, with prior written notification, the option to inspect the work performed in this program for a period of three years from the date of installation. If your property is randomly selected, and you refuse that inspection, you will be billed for the total cost of installation including the labor and materials and any other costs required to complete installation.

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1. How does the program work?
2. What is the toilet options available to me?
3. Does this replacement toilet work well?
4. What are the benefits to replacing my toilets with these new toilets?
5. Why is two the maximum number of toilets available for residential sites?
6. If my floor is damaged such as with dry rot, can I still participate?
7. What is “drain line carry” and what does this mean for my house?
8. Will the City repair or maintain the toilet after it’s installed?
9. Is there a warranty?
10. Can I still participate if my toilet has a custom seat (such as a raised toilet seat) or a bidet?