How do I get in touch with a Certified Tester?

You can contact a tester on the list of certified testers to set up a date for testing. In most cases, your backflow prevention device is located near the curb across the sidewalk from your water meter. If it the backflow prevention device is easily accessible, you do not need to be onsite for the test. Once you have decided on a tester, the tester will conduct the test and give a copy of the test report to Water Quality. After your annual test is completed with a passing test and our system is updated, your obligation for the year is completed. You will be notified again the following year 30 days before your next test is due. Tests are due the same time each year unless a device is replaced or extensively repaired. If the device is replaced or has extensive repairs, your testing date will reflect the date the new device was installed.

To schedule a backflow prevention device test, contact a tester on the list of certified testers.

If your backflow prevention device does not pass the annual test, talk with your tester for recommendations on repair or replacement. A passing test is required within 30 days of your test due date.

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