Can’t I test it myself?

Each tester’s competency is certified by a national agency every 3 years. Testers use specialized testing equipment that is calibrated every year. As required by the State, the City also evaluates each tester to make sure they meet standards. The test does not take long when done by an experienced tester. The device being tested must maintain pressure - hold back water flow – at each check valve and meet strict specifications. Only test reports from testers on the list of certified testers are accepted by the City of Santa Rosa.

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1. What is a backflow prevention device?
2. How often must a backflow prevention device be tested?
3. I just moved in or rebuilt the property. Why does the backflow prevention device need to be tested?
4. How will I know when it is time to have a backflow prevention device tested?
5. How do I get in touch with a Certified Tester?
6. How much do the testers charge for a backflow test?
7. What happens if I don’t have a passing backflow test for this year?
8. I’m a tenant. Doesn’t my landlord/property manager need to take care of this?
9. My postcard says my last test was less than 12 months ago. Why do I need another test?
10. Can’t I test it myself?
11. How can I make sure my backflow prevention device does not break during a freeze?
12. What is a Backflow Administration Fee?
13. How do I install a backflow prevention device?