Are there any restrictions to using a barbeque or outdoor firepit/heater at my Short-Term Rental?

Yes, pursuant to Zoning Code Section 20-48.070(B)(5), the following outdoor burning requirements apply to Short-Term Rentals:


  • Outdoor burning at Non-Hosted Short-Term Rentals shall be limited to outdoor firepits, fireplaces, barbeques/grills and heaters that generate an open flame through the use of a single five-gallon cylinder of liquid petroleum gas (LGP) or are fed by natural gas.  Such outdoor burning shall not be located within 10 feet of combustible vegetation and overhanging trees limbs. 
  • No other outdoor burning shall be permitted at Non-Hosted Short-Term Rentals.  
  • Outdoor burning at Hosted Short-Term Rentals shall comply with all requirements of Santa Rosa Municipal Code Chapter 18-44 and the California Fire Code.

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