How much will I have to pay in WDO Fees? (WDO Fees)
  • The WDO Application helps Applicants estimate the water demand for each element of each project and the resulting WDO Fee. 
  • The fee structure, current through December 31, 2024, is outlined in the table below. This is derived from the most recent Fee Study, available on Santa Rosa’s WDO webpage here. The City will adjust the fees for inflation on an annual basis at the beginning of each calendar year (January 1).


Type of Development


Residential Per Housing Unit

Single Family Residential

  •         Small Lot (6,000 sq. ft. and under)


  •         Large/Medium Lot (over 6,000 sq. ft. to 1 acre)


  •         Large Lot (over 1 acre)


Duplexes and Triplexes per unit


Condos, Apartments, Mobile Homes per unit

  •        With separate irrigation service


  •        Without separate irrigation service


Eligible ADUs, Senior Housing, Single Room Occupancy, and Small, High-Density Apartments per unit*


Commercial, Industrial, Institutional and Irrigation (CII) 

Per thousand-gallon unit (TGAL) per month


*Applies to ADUs that are subject to Demand Fees (larger than 750 square feet). Small, High-Density apartments are 750 square feet and smaller.

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