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Galvin Community Park


  1. Barbecues
  2. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  3. Dog Parks
  4. Fitness Course
  5. Fly Casting Pond
  6. Golf Course
  7. Large Grass Area
  8. Parking
  9. Picnic Tables
  10. Playground
  11. Restrooms
  12. Soccer Field
  13. Tennis Court


Galvin Community Park is 23.37-acres.


Galvin Community Park is home of Bennett Valley Golf Course and Legends Sports Bar and Restaurant.


Parking lot entrance is on Yulupa Avenue.


  • There are two picnic sites available for reservation. All other picnic tables are on a first come first serve basis. Contact the Picnic Desk at (707) 543-3753 or [email protected].
  • For information regarding banquet/wedding/special event reservations, please contact the Golf Course at (707) 543-4040.
  • For information regarding sports field reservations, please contact the Sports Desk at (707) 543-4317 or [email protected].
  • For information regarding park permits, please contact the Park Permits Desk at (707) 543-3294 or [email protected].

Making a Difference

If you're interested in Adopt-A-Green Space, please contact the Volunteer Desk at (707) 543-3279 or [email protected].

Fun Facts

The City purchased the land from the school district in 1975 when the district determined they did not need to build a proposed junior high school. Development of the park began in 1979 with a state grant and CIP funding. The park is named after Dan Galvin Jr, who was very active in local sports, a member of the Recreation and Parks Commission and founder of a business group that raised money for youth activities.


  1. Galvin Community Park Dog Park

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