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Mary Traverso Open Space (formerly Creekside)


  1. Benches
  2. Birdboxes
  3. Dog Waste Stations
  4. Garbage Cans


Mary Traverso Open Space (formerly Creekside) is 3.62-acres.

Making a Difference

Bennett Valley Vision is an all-volunteer group focusing on making Bennett Valley an even nicer place to live. The organization has an adopt-a-park agreement with the City to maintain the park. Bennett Valley Vision conducts bi-annual workdays at Mary Traverso Open Space (formerly Creekside), Yulupa sidewalk areas, Summerfield islands and sidewalk areas, Arroyo Sierra Creek and Bethards Road from Yulupa to Bennett Valley). Volunteers weed, prune, remove litter, spread mulch and install new plants during their annual clean up days. If you're interested in Adopt-A-Green Space, please contact the Volunteer Desk at (707) 543-3279 or [email protected].