How do I register for the WaterSmart Portal?
  1. Information needed (Can be found on the bill)
    • Customer and Account numbers
    • Last Billed Amount
  2. Click the Registration Link from Water Website:
  3. When entering the information for the Account number, that number includes the combination of the customer number and the account number with a hyphen in between.   
    • Example: 0100084-017808
  4. Last Billed amount must be entered as a number only, with no “$” sign and including a decimal. 
    • Example: 100.00
  5. Double check the entered email address for accuracy.  This email will be used to complete registration and verification updates.
  6. Password must contain a minimum of “six” letters.  No restriction regarding lower or uppercase.  Numbers and special characters can also be included, just make sure there are “Six” letters.
  7. Select and then answer the security questionWaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_01_Image_0001
  8. Click on the submit button.  A message will appear stating that an Activation email was sent. Please locate that email and click on the activation link before signing in for the first time. Ignore the “Go to Sign in” link on the bottom left.WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_01_Image_0002
  9. Once the link in the activation email has been clicked, the username will now be activated, and you will be redirected to the sign in page where a message states that you have successfully activated the username. Now the user can sign in for the first time. WaterSmart Portal Video Tutorial_Page_02_Image_0002

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