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City Clerk's Office

  1. 2022 Redistricting Map Submittal Form

    Submissions for PDFs for redrawing district maps with the City of Santa Rosa.


  1. Glass Fire Recovery - Add Your Contact info

    Contact information to communicate with the City regarding recovery from the Glass Fire.

Finance Department

  1. Budget Staff Comment Form

    Use this form to submit your comments and questions to Budget Staff regarding the City's budget and financial planning.

Housing and Community Services

  1. Code Investigation Request Form

    Use this form to submit a Code Enforcement complaint.

Planning and Economic Development

  1. Contact Us

    Have a question you need answered?

  1. Test - Submission

Police Department

  1. Crime Tips

    If you have witnessed a crime or have information about an open investigation, we need your help. If you need to speak to an officer... More…

  2. Security Camera Registry

    SRPD’s Security Camera Registry is a confidential list of homes and businesses located within the City of Santa Rosa who have at least... More…

  1. Police Department Event Request Form

    Are you interested in a police officer attending or presenting at your community event? Please complete the accompanying form for... More…

Recreation & Parks

  1. Enroll in Change for Kids
  2. Facility Rental - Basic Inquiry: Finley Complex

    Complete the information requested below to have us contact you with more information about your requested facility.

  1. Facility Rental - Basic Inquiry

    Complete the information requested below to have us contact you with more information about your requested facility.

  2. Facility Rental Estimate

    If you know your event details, you can input them here and we will email you a complete estimate for your event.

Santa Rosa Water

  1. Laguna Wastewater Treatment Plant Tours
  2. Speaker Request Form
  3. Test Your Toilet
  4. Water Awareness Month Coloring Activity
  5. WaterSmart Check-up

    Santa Rosa Water customers are eligible for a FREE home or business WaterSmart check-up. Our WaterSmart Technicians will review your... More…

  1. Share Your Super Water Saver Success Story!
  2. Take it From the TAP! Education Program

    Santa Rosa Water offers in classroom Take it From the TAP! education. Our lesson plans educate students on the safety as well as the... More…

  3. Update Resident Count

    Water Billing - Update Number of Residents in Household

  4. Water Waste Report Form

Transportation & Public Works

  1. Bicycle & Pedestrian Master Plan - Comments and Suggestions
  2. Report Waste Bins in Bike Lanes

    Help us keep bike lanes clear! Please report locations where you see waste bins blocking bike lanes. For bike lane/roadway... More…

  1. Bike Lane Restriping Request

    Have you noticed bike lanes around the City that need to be freshened up? Let us know where the bike lanes are located so we can assess... More…

  2. Transportation and Public Works - Comments and Suggestions