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City of Santa Rosa Site Supervisor Training Certification Exam

  1. Recycle Water Header (1)
  2. STEP 2: Complete Recycled Site Supervisor Training Certification Exam
  3. Recycled Water Site Supervisor Training Certification Exam
  4. Water Supply
  5. Q. Santa Rosa’s water supply consists of the following:
  6. Q. Graywater is treated wastewater from showers, bathroom sinks, washing machines and bathtubs that is reused.
  7. Q. What is the source of about 99% of Sonoma Water’s water supply?
  8. Q. Which of these Santa Rosa water supplies is non-potable (not drinking water)?
  9. Recycled Water Overview
  10. Q. Recycled water is
  11. Q. Tertiary treated and disinfected recycled water is approved for drinking.
  12. Q. Graywater is untreated wastewater from showers, bathroom sinks, washing machines and bathtubs that is reused.
  13. Q. The recycled water produced by the Regional Water Reuse System and delivered to customers goes through: *
    1. Primary Treatment, 
    2. Secondary Treatment, 
    3. Tertiary Treatment, 
    4. Disinfection.
  14. Q. What are the benefits of using recycled water?
  15. Please be sure to list 5 approved uses in text box above.

  16. Q. The City of Santa Rosa Recycled Water User’s Guide provides which of the following:
  17. Recycled Water Quality and Irrigation Efficiency
  18. Q. Recycled water contains more nutrients and salts than potable drinking water
  19. Q. What is ET?
  20. Q. What is runoff
  21. Irrigation System Requirements
  22. Q. Which color is used to designate recycled water pipes, equipment and appurtenances?*
  23. Q. Hose bibs are allowed on any recycled water system.*
  24. Q. Recycled Water Distribution systems must be clearly identified*
  25. Cross Connection Control and Backflow Requirements
  26. Q. What is cross-connection:
  27. Q. Backflow is water in a pipe that is forced to flow in reverse due to back-pressure or back-siphonage, potentially introducing a health hazard.
  28. Q. What is the best way to prevent a cross connection?
  29. Site Supervisor Requirements
  30. Q. Which of the following are Site Supervisor Responsibilities?
  31. Q. Which of these could indicate that a cross connection exists?
  32. Q. Which of the following applies to recycled water piping?
  33. Certification Exam Confirmation
  34. Certification Exam Confirmation*
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