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Water Waste Report Form

  1. Water Waste Report Form
  2. Water Waste Report Form
    Customers are responsible for managing and repairing their irrigation systems to avoid overspray and runoff. Excessive outdoor water use may be in violation of City of Santa Rosa regulations. When notified, Santa Rosa Water will contact property owners to inform them of the issue and to provide education and resources for efficient irrigation practices.
  3. If water is from a neighbor's property, try to contact them first. If you are unable to talk with your neighbor or identify which property is responsible, Santa Rosa Water can assist in contacting property owners.
  4. Please be as specific as possible. A specific address is best, and list the cross streets or major landmarks nearby. e.g. "NW corner Dutton and Guerneville"

  5. Have you reported this same location for water waste previously? *
  6. Type of Water Waste*

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    *Car washing at home is not prohibited, with some measures in place. For information on how to properly wash your car at home, visit:

  7. Sprinkler runoff[1]
  8. Thank you for your report of water waste. While we do not respond to the reporter of waste, please be assured that within 14 business days we will contact the person you reported. If you see the waste continuing after 14 days, please submit another report to alert us that issue has continued.

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