Gabriel Albavera was born in Santa Rosa, CA, and has lived in this county all of his life. His mother immigrated from Tumbiscatio Michoacan and his father from Tetecala Morelos in the mid 1960's and established roots here in Sonoma County. Gabriel was educated in Windsor and Healdsburg schools and was heavily influenced by his teachers and his family. He attended Santa Rosa Junior College, San Jose State, and Sonoma State attaining his AA, BA, and Master’s degrees. He has been a teacher, counselor, and now a High School Principal.

Gabriel's thoughts on being part of this team: "As a community member and a male educator of color I am honored to be a part of the Chief's Community Ambassador Team. In these difficult times, I am hoping that my experience and background bring an understanding of the importance of community involvement with our police department and vice versa and also helps develop mutual trust and respect, especially in our diverse community. I am also hoping to learn from this experience and share what I learn with our Santa Rosa community and hopefully share my experience with the leadership of the Santa Rosa Police Department."


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