Dr. Jim Gray is a Professor Emeritus of American Multicultural Studies, Sonoma State University, where he taught for 38 years, and the SRJC Anthropology Department, where he served as an adjunct professor. He holds degrees in Sociology (B.A.), Anthropology (M.A.), and Medical Anthropology (Ph.D.). He was the first elected Black official in Santa Rosa when he was elected to serve as a Director with the Santa Rosa City Elementary and High School District has served as both its President and Vice President on different occasions during his 3 term tenure. He initially was appointed (1996) to the Board of Directors with the Sonoma County Community Hospital where he oversaw the leasing of that entity to Sutter Hospital (1996-2008). Additionally, he has a long history of working in the private security industry. He is currently a board member of the Interfaith Services Network (IFSN).

He resides in Santa Rosa with his wife of 28 years, Sheena, and their son Jai (16). Their other 3 offspring live in Maryland, Oakland, and Windsor.


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