Sonya McVay-Straub


Sonya McVay-Straub, MP, is the Founder and Executive Director of The Six Foundation and Body Rx. She is a certified ART (Active Release Techniques), NKT (NeuroKinetic Therapy), AiM (Anatomy in Motion), PMT (Performance Movement Taping by RockTape), KABUKI integrated Power Lifting, and ICT (Integrated Cranial Therapy) provider. She is also a certified master Pilates Instructor and a PMA (Pilates Method Alliance) and NKT credentialing author and continuing education provider.

Alongside manual therapy, she specializes in Neuro-Gate, functional/movement assessment, sports injuries, spinal pathologies, "special-populations". Her clients include internationally competitive athletes (Ferrari's Racing team), professional baseball players, both pro golfers, and tennis players, triathletes, cyclists, PTSD patients, competitive marathoners,   IronMan/ToughMudder and Spartan athletes, avid and competitive CrossFitters, Olympic lifters, business executives, chronic pain patients, senior citizens, and youth. Sonya specializes in combat-trained sports performance and occupational athletics for public service.

Her passion is trauma-informed rehabilitation for her community. Her volunteer work includes IHAN, The Red Cross, The Devil Pups, Gap Community, Farmster, VRC (dancing with the Stars and Stripes), Project Hope, VSO, VA center for PTSD/MSA, The Stella Center, SR engineering Battalion, Petaluma Armory, and extensive work with SRPD, SRFD, SFFD, SCFD. In her spare time, Sonya enjoys her beautiful family, reading science fiction, vintage anything, singing, shooting, and modeling.



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