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Bayside Church


Community Hero

Nominated by

Cadance Hinkle Allinson, Bernie Schwartz, Matthew Vella, Ame Van Dyke, Kayleb Tran, Natalie Cilurzo, Nicole Gaddis, Amos Flint, Julie Montgomery, Brad Calkins, Leeanna Kane, and Pauline Block

Presented by

Carolina Spence, Merit Awards Committee


Bayside Church was enthusiastically nominated by 12 people who want to speak up about the exciting work that Bayside Church has done this past year!

As you drive downtown, take a look around and admire the new parklets – this is the handwork of the Bayside Church volunteers who were tireless in helping the downtown merchants! They single-handedly built dozens of dining opportunities so local folks could come downtown and have a delicious local dining experience. These parklets gave everyone a chance to see everyone, mask and all.

Along with the dining parklets, they also created the Eggcellent Adventure, an easter egg hunt which brought hundreds of families downtown. They came to participate and meet new business owners and support the local community.  It was a COVID-safe, fun-filled adventure that made a lot of children very happy.

During the struggles of COVID, the restaurant community was especially hit hard and having Bayside Church Volunteers step up and beautify the Downtown for merchants was a huge gift!

All this happened just by the talents and kindness of Bayside Church.

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