Susan Hayes - Community Hero

Susan Hayes


Community Hero

Nominated by

Pawnee Maiden

Presented by

John Sawyer, City Council Member


Susan Hayes exudes benevolence, generosity, and love in every encounter she shares. She advocates for underprivileged communities and dedicates her time to providing for those who need a caring hand or a listening ear.

Formerly a nurse, Susan now commits to volunteering countless hours at Catholic Charities of the Diocese of Santa Rosa. For over 15 years of service, Susan has been a fundamental anchor in keeping vital programs afloat, especially now throughout the choppy waters of the pandemic. With a small team, Susan collects, organizes, and gives gently used clothing to houseless individuals in Santa Rosa. In addition, she travels to each homeless center every week to talk to the staff, check in on them, and assess what is needed. Susan has also participated in preparing 150 meals for Sam Jones Hall's residents, a Santa Rosa homeless shelter. And she is an avid member of her church, Resurrection Roman Catholic Parish. Her love knows no bounds; as she would say, she is just a phone call away.

Catholic Charities is blessed and honored to have such a close relationship with a vital community member. Susan's gentle spirit and positive outlook on life's many trials inspire many.

Congratulations to Susan for her years of volunteer service!

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