Efrain Nava - Cultural Enrichment

Efrain Nava


Cultural Enrichment

Nominated by

Lisa Kranz

Presented by

Caroline Spence, Merit Awards Committee


Efrain Nava brought music to his community during the height of the pandemic, soothing the souls of many, including his own, when times were difficult.

As a musician and high school teacher who plays the trumpet, Efrain provided relief from the daily stresses of COVID by brining out his trumpet and playing for about 30 minutes every night in his Burbank Gardens neighborhood. This pleasing nightly ritual quickly earned him the moniker of “The Music Man of Burbank Gardens!” He played show tunes and regular standards along with a wide variety of music and as you can imagine, this helped his neighbors’ well-being tremendously.

Efrain played each night from the early days of the pandemic through most of 2020. He understood how distracted and worried his neighbors were feeling, and he was playing to give them something positive and to make them smile. Many nights, neighbors would walk over to listen and sing and dance along to the music.

Efrain’s tireless effort to keep the neighborhood together through difficult times was a heartfelt, kind gesture. His music brought the neighborhood together to connect in a safe, socially distanced way, giving everyone a new sense of belonging.

Efrain Nava, the “Music Man of Burbank Gardens,” brought cultural enrichment to his neighborhood and is truly a gift to the community!

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