Tyler Wallace - Serving Others

Tyler Wallace


Serving Others

Nominated by

James DeVore

Presented by

Dianna MacDonald, City Council Member


During the COVID pandemic, Tyler Wallace wondered what he could do to help Seniors isolated at home stay motivated!

In answer to that question, he formed and created a new organization plan with SR High (where he attends) and the Council on Aging. Working with the Council on Aging executive team, Board Members, and students, the Council on Aging - Student Leadership Alliance was born.

Over the past 12 months, the students (19 of them) have made presentations to other high schools and launched their first project! Funding lunches for "at-home Seniors!"

To do this, they obtained 200 prom gowns (from Macy's) and sold them to high school students for $20 each. Tyler coordinated free advertising from the PD and airtime to advertise the dress project. The money from the sale of the dresses went directly back to the Council on Aging Meals on Wheels offering free meals to Seniors.

Congratulations to Tyler for his creativity, leadership, and hard work!

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