Shawn Hanna - Serving Others

Shawn Hanna


Serving Others

Nominated by

Michael Maloney

Presented by

Karen Weeks, Merit Awards Committee


Shawn Hanna is being recognized for mentoring young boys, teaching self-sufficiency, teamwork, and leadership skills. Shawn joined the Boy Scouts in 1980, he transferred to Troop 125 when he was 15 and has been there ever since. He became an Eagle Scout in 1988 and Scoutmaster in 1990. Shawn initially committed to five years, but by that time, as he said, "Scouts was so integrated into my life, and I enjoyed it so much, I found no reason to leave."

Shawn loves to train, guide, and motivate troop members to succeed.  His primary responsibility is to provide for the members' health and safety and prepare them for life using the methods and aims of Scouting. As a leader, he does a lot of the behind-the-scenes work with his fellow adult leaders. However, they firmly believe that the scouts, not the adults, should lead their troop. The adults guide the scouts' decisions and do their best to support their goals. He said, "Watching them succeed is truly one of the coolest things I've experienced."

Outside of Scouts, Shawn enjoys the outdoors and is an active outdoorsman. He is employed as an Emergency Medical Technician and Field Training Officer for a local ambulance company.

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