Jane Engdahl - Strengthening Neighborhoods

Jane Engdahl


Strengthening Our Neighborhoods

Nominated by

Marlene Russell and Sean McGuire

Presented by

Natalie Rogers, City Council Member


Over the last several years, Jane Engdahl has utilized her event organizing experience with the Sonoma County Fair to strengthen the Burbank Gardens neighborhood by hosting neighborhood parades with music and prizes.

Each parade in the Burbank Gardens neighborhood is led by Jane on an adult tricycle with her boombox blaring. Jane creates posters, puts them throughout the neighborhood, and shares them on social media. Everyone is welcome, and as many as 100 neighbors have participated in the parades to celebrate Halloween, Christmas, Mardi Gras, Easter, and the 4th of July. Neighbors walk along with the parade, and others watch from their porches.   In 2021 she initiated and coordinated six parades, in which she provided decorations and treats for the kids and costume competitions.

Jane has volunteered her time and fostered a renewed sense of community despite the challenges we have all experienced over the past several years. Congratulations, Jane, on being a 2022 Merit Award winner.

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