Robert Ashe - Beautifying Our Community

Robert Ashe


Beautifying Our Community

Nominated by

Carole Quandt

Presented by

Dianna MacDonald, City Council Member


Robert Ashe recognizes the environmental impact trash has on our precious waterways and trails in Santa Rosa and has taken the initiative to pick up garbage along our creeks since Spring 2020. Robert has gained the support of the Santa Rosa Rec and Park Division, who has given him supplies and a key to a storage closet that holds some of his tools. Robert also collaborates with the Russian Riverkeeper and Santa Rosa Creek Stewards, though he has performed this daily routine of picking up bags of trash solo for much of the past 2.5 years.

Recently, Jordan Benavidez has joined him in cleaning the creeks and is also committed to keeping the environment clean and highlighting this critical issue to the community. Robert states that having just one additional partner daily not only doubles the work completed - and provides welcome companionship but also allows him some time to source additional ways to pick up and prevent debris from entering the creeks. Dedicated to keeping the creeks and trails safe and clean, Robert also paints over graffiti along the trail. He is well known along the trail, provides conversation and education to others about how to positively affect our environment, and encourages community members to volunteer to help nurture our environment. Robert expresses, "What I do downtown affects what happens further west," and states that residents performing acts such as sweeping their curbs to prevent debris from entering the waterways would positively impact them.

Congratulations, Robert Ashe, on being a 2022 Santa Rosa Merit Award Winner!

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