Planning & Economic Development


100 Santa Rosa Avenue
Room 3
Santa Rosa, CA 95404


Link: Planning & Economic Development page

--Counter Hours--
M / T / Th: 8 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (No new permit applications are accepted after 3:30 p.m.)
W: 10:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. (No new permit applications are accepted after 3:30 p.m.)
F: 8 a.m. to noon (No new permit applications are accepted after 11 a.m.)


Name Title Email Phone
Hartman, Clare Planning and Economic Development Director 707-543-3185
Lienau, Serena Administrative Service Officer 707-543-3457

Automated Inspection Requests 


Building Division 

100 Santa Rosa Avenue
Room 3
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

707-543-3200, Option 1

Link: Building Division page

Phone hours:
Monday - Friday: 7:30 a.m. – Noon; 1 p.m. – 4:30 p.m.

An in-person appointment is required to meet with staff. Examples of appointment based services: Permitting, project/parcel questions and/or discussion and technical project/property related business. Schedule an appointment.

Walk-in services (no appointment) are limited. Examples of walk-in service includes: Scheduling a future appointment, making a public records request, pre-arranged drop off or pick up of documents, drop off of payment

Office hours:
In-Person Appointment Hours (schedule an appointment):
Monday - Friday: 8 a.m. - Noon

Walk-in Limited Services Hours:
Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m. - Noon 

Hours are with exception to the Observed City Holiday Schedule.

Name Title Email Phone
Oswald, Jesse Chief Building Official 707-543-3249
Kirk, Lou Assistant Chief Building Official 707-543-3248
Enright, Mike Supervising Engineer 707-543-3264
Garibaldi, Jill Interim Permit Intake Manager/Senior CD Technician 707-543-3224
Babine, Brian Senior Building Inspector 707-543-3204
Cubley, Robert Senior Building Inspector 707-543-4695
Redmond, Derek Senior Building Inspector 707-543-3212
Bliss, Jimmy Plan Check Engineer 707-543-3207
Ong, Felicia Building Plans Examiner 707-543-3247
Billings, Steve Building Inspector 707-543-3234
Martin, Allen Building Inspector 707-543-3233
White, Mark Building Inspector 707-543-3238
Baughman, Eileen CD Technician 707-543-3243
Charlton, Lynne CD Technician 707-543-4334
Knoles, Pat CD Technician 707-543-4331
Selge, Tracy CD Technician 707-543-3251
Sevilla, Lisa CD Technician 707-543-3189
Wilson, Carrie Administrative Secretary 707-543-4703
Rose, Ben Administrative Technician 707-543-4612
Roehm, Matt Senior Administrative Assistant 707-543-4662

Code Enforcement 

100 Santa Rosa Avenue
Room 3
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Name Title Email Phone
Anderson, Cassidy Senior Code Enforcement Officer (707) 543-3229
Aboudara, Kelley Code Enforcement Officer (707) 543-3462
Lackie, Megan Code Enforcement Officer (707) 543-3329
Marquez, Lizzette Code Enforcement Officer (707) 543-3235
Moody, Joseph Code Enforcement Officer (707) 543-4687
Marquez, Jenny Code Enforcement Technician (707) 543-3319
Wilson, Carrie Administrative Secretary (707) 543-4703
Wilroy, Michael Senior Administrative Assistant (707) 543-4659

100 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

100 Santa Rosa Ave
Room 3
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Link: Business website

100 Santa Rosa Ave, Room 3
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Name Title Email Phone
de la Rosa, Raissa Deputy Director - Economic Development 707-543-3059
Rivero, Rafael Economic Development Specialist 707-543-3460
Thompson, Tara Arts & Culture Manager 707-543-4512
Rasmussen, Jessica Arts Specialist 707-543-4674

Engineering Development 

100 Santa Rosa Avenue
Room 3
Santa Rosa, CA 95404



Link: Engineering Development Services page

Phone: 707-543-4611 

Name Title Email Phone
Osburn, Gabe Deputy Director - Development Services 707-543-3853
Turpel, David Development Review Coordinator 707-543-3203
Clark, Carol Associate Civil Engineer 707-543-3192
McKeag, Jesus Assistant Engineer 707-543-4614
Damron, Joshua Civil Engineering Tech II 707-543-3211
Egland, Vicki Civil Engineering Tech III 707-543-3228
Spruce, Margaret Civil Engineering Tech III 707-543-4611
McCarty, Dennis Quality Control Associate 707-543-3241
Oller, Bob Quality Control Associate 707-543-4610

Planning Division 

100 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

707-543-3200, Option 2

Link: Planning Division page

Name Title Email Phone
Jones, Jessica Deputy Director 707-543-3253
Lyle, Amy Supervising Planner - Advance Planning 707-543-3410
Nicholson, Amy Supervising Planner - Current Development 707-543-3258
Guerrerro Auna, Beatriz Senior Planner 707-543-4323
McCay, Conor Senior Planner 707-543-4351
Meads, Shari Senior Planner 707-543-4665
Murray, Susie Senior Planner 707-543-4348
Sheikhali, Monet Senior Planner 707-543-4698
Toomians, Kristinae Senior Planner 707-543-4692
Candelaria, Christian City Planner 707-543-3232
Wolski, Sheila City Planner 707-543-4705
Bisla, Sachnoor City Planner Trainee 707-543-3223
Briscoe, Jandon City Planner Trainee 707-543-3236
Buckheit, Lani Senior Administrative Assistant 707-543-3226
Hopwood, Kimberly Senior Administrative Assistant 707-543-4690
Cleary, Eileen Administrative Secretary 707-543-3227
Montoya, Michelle Administrative Secretary 707-543-4645


100 Santa Rosa Avenue
Santa Rosa, CA 95404

Name Title Email Phone
Allen, Shelli Civil Engineering Tech II 707-543-4336
Fernandez, Javier Civil Engineering Tech III 707-543-3214
Guderian, Lisa Civil Engineering Tech III 707-543-3287
Lozada, Caryn Acting Development Review Coordinator 707-543-3959
Oaks, Seth Civil Engineering Tech III (Acting Quality Control 707-543-4613
Parkinson, Celia Civil Engineering Tech III 707-543-4522