My name is Evette Minor and I live Santa Rosa, California. I was born and raised in Los Angeles, California until I graduated from high school and made the move to Sonoma County to go to Sonoma State University. Upon, which I received my bachelor’s in science in Business Administration. As of 2021, I have lived in Sonoma County for 29 years and I am very proud to be a part of the Santa Rosa Community for 25 years. I have learned so much about our town and what it stands for. I am an active community engager. I have held several positions in different school districts as an employee, as well as, a heavily involved parent volunteer. I currently participate in many community groups, committees, boards, ad hocs and commissions. I believe in being fair, having equality and equitable services provided to all within our community.

Evette Minor:

  • United Women’s Group/ Grupo de Mujeres Unidas-Team Lead
  • Santa Rosa Health Action Chapter-Interim Lead
  • Measure O Oversight Committee of City of Santa Rosa - Vice Chair
  • Santa Rosa General Plan Community Advisory Committee
  • Measure Y Oversight Committee of Sonoma County-Member
  • Multicultural Roots Project-Member
  • WMS Site Council-Current Chair and Member (Final year)
  • Elective Teacher of Community Engagement to 7th and 8th graders
  • Chief Community Ambassador Team
  • Sonoma County Black Forum-Member

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