A resident of Santa Rosa since 2014. Owns a home in Southwest Santa Rosa. Serves the City on several committees including Waterways Advisory Committee and Marin Sonoma Mosquito and Vector Control District. Owns a small environmental consulting firm focused on water quality and have been based in Sonoma County since 2013. Navy veteran - served 21.5 years, mostly overseas. Specialist in meteorology and oceanography. Earned BS from University of California and MPA from the University of Oklahoma.

Most concerned and interested in Defunding the Police, which I interpret as an extreme slogan for police reform, not elimination. I’d like the police not to be called for low-level intervention and am hopeful the CAHOOTS-like program the City will soon start as a pilot program will be effective.

In Japan, there were police ‘boxes’ called Kobans throughout all neighborhoods. These boxes were small, storage shed-size offices where citizens could meet community-based police officers in their own neighborhoods. I’d like to see if our community can develop something similar.

I also understand our police are under-resourced, underpaid, and placed in extremely difficult and dangerous situations each day. I believe more funding is needed, but in the right places and with the right focus.

There needs to be more accountability by our police and more transparency. We need the highest standards for our officers and need to remove those who cannot meet those standards. We need to appropriately compensate those who can meet and exceed those standards. We need to address the power and undue influence of police unions, which seem to hamstring reform and improvement.


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