Cherie Barnett


Appointed by: Chris Rogers
Term Expires: December 31, 2024

Cherie Maria Barnett is a lifelong resident of Santa Rosa, CA. She lives in the Murdock Terrace which is in walking distance to some of the best ravioli and croissants in the world—that’s living in paradise. 

Cherie sees opportunities to celebrate Santa Rosa. For example, there is a SMART train in town, and our community is working toward being more walkable and bikeable. Santa Rosa has amazing, locally grown foods, the number one beer in the world, and some pretty remarkable wines. Cherie is grateful to call Santa Rosa her hometown, and she wants to celebrate all it has to offer. 

Cherie is a graduate of both Santa Rosa High School and Santa Rosa Junior College. She was able to walk or bike to school and didn't need to own a car until she transferred to CSU Sacramento to finish her bachelor's degree in Political Science. Cherie is a fellow of the Leadership Institute for the Ecology and the Economy Class of 2012. 

Cherie was a campaign manager and fundraiser for numerous grassroots candidates throughout Sonoma County. In 2016 Cherie married her partner of seven years Joshua Barnett and decided family life and the need for a work/family life balance needed to take priority. 

She is a firm believer in the principles of sustainability and how those principles add quality to your life while reducing your carbon footprint. She recently became the Outreach and Events Coordinator for the Sonoma County Bike Coalition. Her duties include overseeing the coalition’s membership program, recruiting and supporting volunteers for events, coordinating the Bike to Work Month activities, and promoting all Sonoma County Bike Coalition events. 

When Cherie and her family are not out on the bike paths you can find her downtown in the square or having coffee at Brew or you’ll see her at the upcoming Neighborfests happening throughout Santa Rosa this year. 

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