Rita Kagan - Community Hero



Community Hero

Nominated by

Deborah A Roberts

Presented by

Chris Rogers, City Council Member


Since the inception of the Jewish Community Free Clinic 23 years ago, Rita Kagan has volunteered two shifts, or more, each week in her volunteer role as a registered nurse. The clinic cares for vulnerable, uninsured patients who often have to choose between healthcare or food on the table. Rita serves every patient with respect and safe healthcare. She regularly asks each person what she can do to help today.

Rita's tasks include screening patients for tuberculosis, offering vaccines, diabetic testing, providing physical information for school entry, and assisting with COVID-19 vaccines. She records patient's vitals in their health record, performs readings for blood pressure, and reviews medications to assess what's working or not. During COVID, she never missed a shift with her mask, face shield, and PPE and performed her nursing duties.

Over the years, Rita has mentored dozens of volunteers to continue the tradition of dedicating their talents to those less fortunate. Rita lives the mission of the Jewish Community Free Clinic through charity and repairing the world. The clinic has stated, "We wouldn't know what to do without Rita."

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