Paulina Lopez - Environmental Sustainability

Paulina Lopez


Environmental Sustainability

Nominated by

Christine Byrne

Presented by

Diane Test, Merit Awards Committee


Paulina Lopez is an incredible community youth leader dedicated to social and climate justice. She is a recent graduate of Sonoma State University and now teaches at a local school while still participating in climate resilience activities. Paulina advocates for solutions to divest from the fossil fuel industry and practices that have degraded our environment.  

Paulina is a hub coordinator for the Sunrise Movement Sonoma County. This year she participated in a rally at Juilliard Park calling for support from the federal government and the local Civilian Climate Corps (CCC). The CCC is a plan advocating for the government to make large investments in creating good green jobs to build resilient and sustainable communities. Paulina believes her most significant responsibility is to keep the movement going and celebrate the big and small wins that shine the light on climate challenges.  

Paulina believes climate justice would not be here without the youth. She motivates the youth to become active in the climate crisis movement by sharing her personal experience with the local environmental wildfire disasters. During past wildfires, Paulina helped Spanish-speaking residents translate at the Santa Rosa evacuation shelters and organized mutual aid supplies and food distributions to those impacted. Paulina is a dedicated leader in the youth-led climate movement, and she has inspired many other young people to join the cause.

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