Reka Molnar - Environmental Sustainability



Environmental Sustainability

Nominated by

Kyle Spongberg

Presented by

Mark Stapp, City Council Member


Reka is a caring and dedicated individual who spends multiple days a week volunteering her time by cleaning up trash along our City's creeks. She regularly volunteers at organized creek cleanup events, organizes her cleanup projects with others, and picks up bags of trash on her regular daily walks. She is passionate about protecting wildlife and the environment, promoting the end of single-use plastic, and encouraging organizations to prioritize trash cleanup.

Reka was motivated to get involved in this community work in 2016 when she stopped by a booth for Clean River Alliance. She wanted to channel her frustration with current political events into something positive and became actively involved with Russian River Keepers. Reka has volunteered numerous times with organized cleaning events hosted by various organizations. She has also made cleaning up trash a daily practice, bringing a bag with her when she takes her daily walk frequently bringing home several pounds of trash. Reka says that when you pick up trash regularly, you see more trash everywhere. She states her favorite part about her volunteerism is working with others who are as passionate as she is and says that working together "makes lighter work for everyone."

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