Allison Baker & Tyler Moore - Serving Others



Serving Others

Nominated by

Liz Berry and Katie Karns

Presented by

Dianna MacDonald, City Council Member


When the Redwood Empire Food Bank nominated volunteers Allison Baker & Tyler Moore, it was impossible to pick just one to receive a Merit Award….so the Merit Award Committee didn't! The Committee chose both of them. Together, they have quietly volunteered over 3,500 hours.

Allison typically starts her day by bagging produce and delivering the bags to distribution sites.   She also follows up by spending some in the Kitchen Collective preparing on-the-spot meals for seniors, children, and neighbors in the community. Whenever the Food  Bank needs some helping hands,  Allison is the first to step in and help! She approaches every assignment with a smile and encourages everyone around her.

Allison has become a regular at a small senior complex in East Santa Rosa. It was there that she met a disabled senior who she was able to help by delivering his food right to his door. After months of seeing each other, he and Allison became fast friends, and he would greet her with a cup of coffee and a slice of her favorite cake.

Tyler has made it his mission to volunteer in all the diverse opportunities the Redwood Food Bank offers. He volunteers almost every day. You can usually find him in the Kitchen Collective cooking up something tasty for the participants in the Food Connections, stocking shelves, helping the partner organizations shop, and handing out food to people at the distribution site. He has even been seen volunteering as an Afternoon Cafe driver and supported our community fundraisers. He is everywhere!

Tyler is always willing to lend a helping hand and is happy to jump in whenever help is needed. The Volunteer Production Supervisor (David) says about Tyler: "Tyler has a great work ethic, and his commitment to helping in any way he can is great. He is super friendly and loves to build friendships with other volunteers." Tyler often brings staff and volunteers beautiful flowers from his garden. That certainly brightens everyone's day.

Allison and Tyler are compassionate, easygoing, and beloved volunteers.

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