Donna Prak - Serving Others



Serving Others

Nominated by

Elizabeth Anguiano

Presented by

Dianna MacDonald, City Council Member


The parents of children attending the Caesar Chavez Language Academy or members of the Westside Little League have a saying that if you were convinced to do a service benefiting local children, then you have been "Praked."

If not for Donna Prak, the Cesar Chavez Language Academy Foundation would not be what it is today. Donna is a founding parent of CCLA. She was at the forefront of moving the school to a larger campus. Her unseen hard work and efforts made it possible for all students of CCLA to enjoy and thrive at their school. She has created fun and exciting events encouraging students to participate in their school community.

For example, when CCLA gained a 6th-grade level, she wanted the students to experience being a part of an elementary school team. She found a coach and started a basketball team. A couple of years ago, Donna wanted the middle school students to have the opportunity to travel to Washington, DC, during Spring Break. She helped families fundraise, and in March 2022, she led the Washington DC trip with 40 middle schoolers, parents, and teachers. Donna established the Sunshine Committee to celebrate the teachers sporadically during the year by baking treats or contacting local businesses to provide lunches for the staff. Additionally, each year, she organizes a Staff Appreciation Week and does something different each day: lunch, coffee and pastries, goody bags, or CCLA swag.

Donna has also volunteered with Westside Little League for eight years as the Sponsorship and Fundraising Coordinator. She has helped fundraise for new scoreboards, fences, a snack bar trailer, and field maintenance upgrades. Donna is the type of person who will notice something that needs to be done, and she will figure out a way to make it happen.

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