Elise Curtis - Serving Others



Serving Others

Nominated by

Tambra Curtis

Presented by

Dianna MacDonald, City Council Member


High schooler Elise Curtis has been volunteering and giving back to her community since she was eight, when she first volunteered to help socialize guide dogs in training. 

In the past few years, she has volunteered hundreds of hours to the Ceres Community Project, where she is a Delivery Angel for the organization, delivering healthy meals every Friday to those in need who live in Santa Rosa. She is one of 350 youth volunteers for Ceres. She also makes encouraging cards for Ceres clients. One of the most essential aspects Elise provides is a personal and positive connection to people going through difficult situations.  

Elise is also a volunteer and participant in Pepperwood Preserve's TeenNat Program. Their conservation efforts help to conserve, protect, and enhance Santa Rosa's natural resources. She was a delegate for the American Red Cross Northern California Leadership Development Center Conference. Following the workshop, Elise gave community fire safety presentations to help ensure that residents are better prepared for the fire season in Santa Rosa.

Her impact on people has inspired Elise to want to pursue an education and career in public health. She has interned at Kaiser, joined the Jewish Community Free Clinic Tzedek Cohort in Santa Rosa, and is a Santa Rosa Teen Tzedek Social Justice Cohort member.

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