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Serving Others

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Steve Rose

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Dianna MacDonald, City Council Member


After 36 years in the restaurant business, Steve Rose refocused on helping people make healthy, sustainable food choices through his volunteer efforts. Steve taught culinary arts at Maria Carillo High School. He also created an online presence, "The Organic Rose," a journey in green living and organic cooking, aired on several PBS stations, YouTube, and Facebook.    

In the past six years, Steve has devoted countless volunteer hours teaching culinary skills to Sonoma County 7th through 12th graders at The Chops Teen Club, a membership facility in Santa Rosa. The Chops facility is available to teens after school and on weekends. The 21,000-square-foot facility includes a gym, rock wall, music studio, technology, and a culinary arts program. Steve is considered a Staff Volunteer for Chops.  

At Chops, Steve volunteers weekly to teach 7-10 teenagers valuable skills needed for a career in a commercial kitchen, including recipe development, cooking, knife skills, and preparing farm-to-table meals. Steve is creating a lending library for recipe books that the teens can check out. In addition to weekly classes, the teens prepare food for fundraising events at Chops. Those events often require 2-3 days in preparation and wrap-up duties. The goal is to get the teens job-ready to work in the restaurant and hospitality industries.  

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