Save BennettValley Golf Course - Strengthening Neighborhoods



Strengthening Our Neighborhoods

Nominated by

Cathy Slack and Patty Regalia

Presented by

Jeff Okrepkie, City Council Member


The Save Bennett Valley Golf Course group is a perfect example of a community effort that started with a few volunteers and multiplied to over 4,000 in a few days. The development of the group is a testament to the power of social media and the dedication of community members concerned with the future of the Bennett Valley Golf Course.

The City was looking for a way to produce sustainable revenue to support the golf course's ongoing needs, and the community group was looking for ways to do the same without repurposing the site for housing, thus reducing the size of the golf course footprint. Ultimately, both had the same fundamental goal in mind. The community group helped move the City from considering any development of the site for housing.  

Save Bennett Valley Golf Course group applied for and received a 501-C3 Nonprofit organization status to provide a method for potential fundraising and donation support now and in the future. They also gathered an impressive set of professionals, including those involved in finance, engineering, restaurant management, golf course management & operations, and the media. The group also assisted the City's Ad Hoc Committee in reviewing Requests for Proposals to choose a consultant for selecting a golf course management company. 

We thank them for all they have done to support an inclusive environment in which to move forward with all the crucial decisions necessary to maintain a successful and sustainable community asset into the future.

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