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Franklin Community Park


  1. Barbecues
  2. Baseball / Softball Diamond
  3. Clubhouse
  4. Large Grass Area
  5. Parking
  6. Picnic Tables
  7. Playground
  8. Restrooms
  9. Soccer Field


Franklin Community Park is 13.36-acres.


Parking lot entrance is on Franklin Avenue.


  • There is one picnic site available for reservation. All other picnic tables are on a first come first serve basis. Contact the Picnic Desk at (707) 543-3753 or [email protected].
  • For information regarding sports field reservations, please contact the Sports Desk at (707) 543-4317 or [email protected].
  • For information regarding park permits, please contact the Park Permits Desk at (707) 543-3294 or [email protected].

Making a Difference

If you're interested in Adopt-A-Green Space, please contact the Volunteer Desk at (707) 543-3279 or [email protected].

Fun Facts

Franklin Community Park is named because of its location on Franklin Avenue, which got its name from the original settlement of Franklintown in that area. It was the site of a defunct sawmill, which sat crumbling on the site, presenting a safety hazard to the neighborhood residents. Franklin Park Neighborhood Association raised money and worked every Sunday for weeks to remove the sawmill and build a clubhouse. The project was dedicated in June of 1953.