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1. What is the City doing to address the growing homeless problem in our community?
2. What sort of financial resources are being put towards the issue?
3. Does the City have a homeless shelter within the city limits? If so, has a homeless person ever been turned away from the shelter due to lack of space?
4. How do I make a referral to the Homeless Outreach Services Team (HOST)?
5. How are the City and County working together to end homelessness?
6. How does the City measure the success of its efforts, including that of its contractors?
7. What is the role of the City Council Homeless Policy Subcommittee?
8. What does the City hope to achieve by declaring a local homelessness emergency?
9. If camping is prohibited within City limits why are people camping in our downtown and parks, along our creeks, and in other areas of the city?
10. If people are camping illegally citywide then why won't the City allow designated areas for camping, commonly referred to as sanctioned campgrounds?
11. Where in each neighborhood are homeless people able to legally store, possess, and use significant amounts of belongings and locate 24-hour access to facilities such as restrooms and showers?
12. Why are the homeless allowed to "hang out" all day in our parks and in our downtown?
13. What is the City doing to discourage panhandling, loitering, urinating or defecating in public places, and other unwanted activities?
14. If the City is investing more in programs that serve the homeless why are we seeing more homeless? Are the City’s efforts attracting more homeless?
15. What is the City doing to improve access to services for persons with behavioral health and substance use needs?
16. How can I help?