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1. How can I find out the status of my case?
2. How do I know who is investigating my case?
3. Will you call me if my case ever comes to closure?
4. Will you call me if my property is found?
5. Is the Records Bureau open to the public 24 hours per day?
6. Are police reports "public information"?
7. How do I get my arrest record sealed if I am an adult (18 years or older)?
8. Can anyone obtain a copy of my arrest record?
9. Is juvenile (under 18 years old) arrest information public and can I obtain a copy?
10. How to obtain a copy of a Traffic Collision Report?
11. How can I obtain a copy of a police report?
12. How much do copies of police reports cost?
13. How do I dispose of any unwanted firearms and/or ammunition?
14. The insurance company says it is my responsibility to obtain a copy of my accident report. Is this correct?